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The storied 10th Mountain Division of the United States Army was originally commissioned as the 10th Light Alpine in 1943. Initially conceived by Charles Minot Dole, President of the National Ski Patrol, and trained at Camp Hale, Colorado USA under the direction of mountaineer Jim Whitaker, the first American to summit Mount Everest. The 10th was the first elite skiing force of its kind, focused upon winter and mountain combat during WWII.

Contributing to the war effort through victories achieved in the Italian Alps and amidst harsh, snow-filled terrain, the 10th Mountain Division’s intense requirements for protection and performance lead to the War Department’s technical design and development of the Alpine Anorak as its standard issue jacket. Chosen for its pull-over characteristics reducing the windchill often felt through a front placket zipper, the full body coverage and hooded construction leveraged the centuries-old design knowledge of the native Inuits of Canada and Greenland who favored those same protective characteristics when crafting their garments from stretched animal skins and water repellent oils.

With reference and deference to the durable all-terrain winter performance garment of the 10th Mountain Division, Alps & Meters crafted the Alpine Anorak. A storied piece made famous by the best of men from the famed 10th, the Alpine Anorak delivers snow, wind, and water resistant protection through a combination of classic and contemporary technologies - waxed cotton and a 10k/10k waterproof membrane.

A timeless, tested, and authentic winter garment, the Alpine Anorak is designed to deliver exceptional quality and comfort while upholding the classic alpine traditions of the past.